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DOVA Jobs Job Details - Volunteer Job -Functional Literacy & Numeracy Accelerated Learning Specialist

Volunteer Job -Functional Literacy & Numeracy Accelerated Learning Specialist

Tuesday, may 19, 2020

The overall placement objective is to Provide Teacher professional development support to Educator Facilitators and Primary school Teachers participating in the Education for Life Project. The Specialist is expected to build the capacity of the Education facilitators and Teachers specifically on Functional Literacy and Numeracy; Gender and Social inclusion; Safeguarding and Girls right to Education, lifelong learning and transition to meaningful employment opportunities. Key strategies to be used are: Assessment of skills and competency gaps, Skills training, coaching and mentorship through class room observations, constructive feedback and Peer Learning Forums.

About VSO

VSO is the world's leading development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty. We are unique in the way we bring people together to share their skills and experience, generate insights and ideas and, most of all, take action against poverty and exclusion. It's a highly effective approach that works, and today is helping millions of people in some of the world's poorest communities lift themselves out of poverty.

AllowanceAs a VSO volunteer, you will be sharing your skills with local communities on a full time basis. VSO will cover your travel, vaccinations, accommodation, and medical insurance costs, along with a local living allowance which will be paid in local currency. This allowance meets reasonable living expenses in country, but will not be enough to send money home. You will also receive some financial support to contribute to your on-going expenses at home.AccommodationVSO works with some of the poorest communities in the world which means accommodation varies and will be basic.Some background about VSOMuch has changed since VSO started 60 years ago. We’ve gone from being a UK charity to a truly global development organisation. In 2016/2017 alone, we worked with over 7,000 volunteers from all over the world and from all backgrounds to deliver services that had an impact on the lives of almost 2.6 million people in the 24 countries where we work. Our programmes focus on the areas of health, education and livelihoods, with an increasing emphasis on resilience building, social accountability, gender and social inclusion. We believe progress is only possible when we work together and that strong partnerships are crucial to delivering positive change. That’s why we work with over 500 partner organisations, from local and national governments, to businesses, NGOs, funders, charities and community groups. Currently, over 30% of our people are recruited from within the country in which they work, and we continue to grow the share of community and national volunteers involved in our programmes. We also send increasing numbers of volunteers from one developing country to another. However, our vision has remained the same; to build a world without poverty.


A combination of education, training and experience which demonstrates ability to perform the duties and responsibilities as described:•Qualified teacher with, as a minimum, a degree in Education from a recognised institution. Preferably, qualification as a teacher trainer.•Evidence of work in Literacy, numeracy and Accelerated Learning-Functional literacy and Numeracy is greatly desired•Minimum of five years’ teaching experience in primary level, preferably comprising experience in both well-resourced and minimally-resourced education systems.•Ability to teach large classes in minimally-resourced education systems and develop teaching and learning materials from low cost, locally available materials.•Ability to demonstrate inclusive, learner-centred, process-oriented teaching and learning methodologies and positive discipline practices.•Understanding of ‘traditional’ ways of teaching and learning, and how to build on them to improve teaching effectiveness.•Experience in adult learning methodologies and in training teachers in learner-centred pedagogies, lesson planning and schemes of work, positive discipline, inclusive classroom management and curriculum strategies, and formative and summative assessment.•Experience in delivering a range of teaching development activities, preferably including through in-service, pre-service and distance modalities, and at a variety of different levels, but especially training primary teachers. Experience to include the development of teacher training materials and/or curricula.•Experience in assessing capacity, designing capacity development strategies through participatory mechanisms, and delivering staff development through a variety of means, including formal and informal training, mentoring, and workshop facilitation.•Knowledge and Experience in psychosocial support, safeguarding and child protection.•Ability to rapidly understand the policy, strategic and institutional environment and to provide contextually appropriate, relevant, achievable and accurate technical advice.•Up-to-date knowledge of trends in teacher development, preferably including own research.•Ability to use ICT software to develop basic work plans, budgets, training plans and monitoring and evaluation tools, and the ability to write concise, accurate reports in easily-understood language.•Ability to use evidence to inform programme development and management.•Commitment to participatory and inclusive methods of working, and to form relationships based on mutual respect and trust.•Ability to work in difficult environments.Language Requirement•Fluent in English language•Fluent in the catchment language and understanding of county specific socio-cultural, political and economic dynamics

Job Reference:JOB0122251
Position Type:Voluntary
Sector:Education, Training & Library
Job Duration:39
End Date:Monday, June 01, 2020
Location:Garissa and Isiolo, Kenya
Salary:£0 - £0 per year
Contact:VSO, Global
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