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Saturday, may 09, 2020
?Overall head of the Plantations business and responsible for smooth functioning of all operations of the Tea estates
a)Identify and implement new technologies to maximize yield and review current cultivation practices and address process deficiencies
b)Constantly lookout for identifying new business opportunities to get maximize revenue through plantations and present it to Board for consideration and approval
c)Oversee the companys fiscal activity, including budgeting, Forecasting, reporting and auditing on time to the Board for consideration.
d)Assure all legal and regulatory documents are filed and monitor compliance with laws and regulations
e)Developing the marketing strategy for new products in Domestic and International market
f)Ensure to work closely with production management and the products are meet quality standards obtainable in the industry
g)Monitor the finished products to ensure the quality are met before declared ready to export
h)Overseeing implementation of the Marketing Strategy � including events and digital marketing.
i)Ensuring overall compliance covering legal, HR and administration
j)Identifying potential buyers and negotiating best price for export of Tea leaves

?Salary best in the industry

Client Introduction
?Client is a leading realestate and educational institution in Tamil nadu who has also ventured in plantations group

?CEO, plantations operations, business head
?a)Thorough knowledge of cultivation practices, manufacturing and processing of Tea/Coffee
b)Good understanding of cost and identify areas for significant cost reduction
c)Knowledge and expert level proficiency of the local language (Tamil /Hindi /Kannada / Malayalam)
d)Commercial acumen and good understanding of sales, exports and quality control and assurance
e)Should be willing to travel extensively and frequently across all estates and other locations
Job Reference:943566
Position Type:Permanent
Sector:Personal Care, FMCG
Location:Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Contact:Randstad India, Chennai Office, India
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