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DOVA Jobs Job Details - SysOps


Monday, september 02, 2019
Key Responsibilities:
¿ Design, implement and maintain sophisticated and highly-reliable tooling to support thousands of servers
around the globe, providing seamless integrations of multiple systems and technologies (Service NOW, Nagios,
Logic Monitor, Elastic Search, Saltstack, Vcenter, backup systems Python Applications etc)
¿ Develop production-quality code with automatic test to ensure stability and durability.
¿ Design and implement internal infrastructure as code used to deliver the tooling landscape with significant
automated testing.
¿ Key member of the automation group to deliver automation and innovation initiatives.
¿ Work with product owners and architects to prioritise and hone features.
anish (fluent / native)

Job Reference:job#2389107
Position Type:Tiempo Completo
Sector:Otros Sectores
Start Date:Monday, September 02, 2019
End Date:Thursday, July 14, 2022
Location:Barcelona, Cataluna, España
Contact:Mar Vilaseca, Contact Code: 2389107, Randstad Spain, España
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